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Sand and Water Cleaning

Improving Sand and Water Quality

Debris and pollution in beach sand and waterways causes environmental issues, health risks and can damage vessels. The pollution also impacts communities and businesses whose economies rely on clean beaches. SOP Technologies removes and prevents these issues with the solutions described below.

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beach pollution rubbish-1576990.jpg
plastic bottle and fish -1663770_1920.jpg



Maintaining a healthy beach helps to prevent injuries, improves aesthetics for beach-goers, and promotes healthy sands. 

Using large, medium and small sand sifting devices, we remove trash, debris and unwanted seaweeds from beaches. Sand sifters remove cigarette butts, glass particles and other small objects. 


Removing floatables such as Styrofoam, plastic bags and bottles helps to protect marine life, prevents damage to boats, and maintains cleaner waterways for visitors.  

Our water cleaning boats remove buoyant objects from deep and shallow marine waters, canals, lakes and lagoons. Boats have a large loading capacity and only require one crewman to operate.