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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions for Efficient Operations

Managing employee, contractor and sub-contractor credentials and activities at multiple sites is difficult and time consuming. This leads to inefficient work, fraud, incomplete data, and poor communication. Our mobile access card/ID uses smart phones and allows for greater transparency, easier communications, and more efficient operations.

Identity Management using smartphones

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Rather than using paper or plastic-based ID cards, our mobile badges allow easy issuing and expiration of badges using nothing more than a smartphone. This reduces costs and adds security by maintaining better control of access to facilities and job sites.  

Notifications and Tasking

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With our mobile solution, HQ can easily send notifications and tasks directly to workers at several sites. Using their smartphones, employees and contractors receive messages, fill out reports, and send photos of completed assignments. The phone's GPS automatically logs the location of report and field inspections.

Documentation and Credentialing Solution

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Drivers licenses, professional credentials and other employee and contractor data are stored together with the person's virtual/mobile "badge". This allows administrators using a computer to set automatic expiration dates based on credentials' expiration. 

Features at a glance...

  • Mobile Badges for Employee & Contractor Identity Management: Access work sites and facilities using
    the mobile badge on your smart-phone. Issue and expire badges remotely.

  • Manage Credentials: Maintain a record of certifications, licenses and other credentials for each employee or contractor with a badge. Badges can be set to automatically expire based on credential expiration dates.

  • Online Admin Panel: Use a web browser from a computer to map data, filter based on a variety of parameters, manage mobile app users, and audit/verify data.

  • Push Notifications/Alerts: Use the web application on the cloud to send messages and alerts directly to individual badge holders or groups of badge holders.

  • Reporting and Data Management: Use the Online Admin panel to create reports and export raw data for additional analysis.

  • Mobile Forms and Work Flows: Use the mobile app to fill out forms and reports. Forms/reports can be customized to capture photos and text for specific needs (e.g. inspections), and automatically upload data to the cloud. Worker identity, GPS location, and timestamps are also logged automatically.

  • GPS Tracking of Badges: Optional feature to track badge locations and display them on a map on the Online dashboard.

  • Task Management: Use the Admin panel to assign tasks directly to mobile users. Mobile users can complete tasks and upload data while in the field. Customize tasks for additional approvals/work flows.

  • Asset Management: Map assets and use the mobile app to take photos and capture data in the field, which can be used to help with project management.