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Biscayne Bay Marine Health Summit


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Goals for the 2019 Biscayne Bay Marine Health Summit: The Action Summit

  • Identify strategies & policies that will support the creation of a plan of action focusing on the design of an enhanced Biscayne Bay Best Management Practices (BMPs) Guide.

  • BMPs to be focused on specific practices, or a combination of practices, to include scientific, technological, institutional and economic considerations, identified as effective and practicable means of preventing or reducing the amount of pollution generated by point sources and nonpoint sources of pollution throughout the Bay.

Upcoming Events

BBMHS: The action summit

september 20, 2019

8 am - 6 pm

FIU Biscayne Bay Campus

Wolfe University Center, Mary Ann Wolfe Auditorium

3000 N.E. 151st Street, North Miami, FL 33181



SPONSORSHIP Opportunities are available

The Citizens for Biscayne Bay Health fund will support research, educational outreach, and community programming to promote the protection and preservation of our beloved Bay and the local economy it greatly supports. The fund will raise funds for the annual summit, which propagates valuable information of the impact Biscayne Bay’s overall health has on the ecosystem, the local population- both people and wildlife, and the waters surrounding us.


1st Coalition Building Meeting - 2019

July 9, 2019

FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios

Miami Beach, FL 33139

More Information


2018 summit Strategy Meeting MAY 31, 2018

FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios

Miami Beach, FL 33139

Goals of the Coalition Meeting

  • Discuss Summit Recommendations and pending restoration proposals and how they relate to our BBMHS efforts:

  • The Biscayne Bay Task Force– Resolution sponsored by Commissioner Rebeca Sosa

  • The Biscayne Bay Restoration Initiative– by the SFWMD

  • Celebrate work that is being doneto heal the bay;

  • Update attendees on action since the Summit including issues pending before the Miami-Dade County Commission;

  • Initiate discussions towards the implementation of the 2018 Summit.


A total of 35 professionals attended including:

Elected officials
Government staff
NGO representatives &
Business leaders

All of whom were interested in addressing issues affecting the Biscayne Bay area. At this point, Biscayne Bay Marine Health Coalition activities remain an all-volunteer effort. That's why attendance is so important. Together, we can make a difference and move our shared vision forward. 

Summary of the Breakout Group Actions

  • Coordination and Policy
    Facilitated by Steve Sauls and Irela Bagué (Bagué Group) - Harmonizing and Leveraging existing initiatives and stakeholder groups in order to assist in the structure for a 10-year Action Plan (i.e. BB Restoration Initiative, Lake Worth Plan, BBRCT, Coalition)

  • Bay Health Monitoring
    Facilitated by Tiffany Troxler (FIU) - Develop a research plan for assessing Bay quality health and progress assessment.

  • Bay Health Supporting Projects and Strategies
    Facilitated by Albert Gomez (IC Assemblies) - Identify eco-technological, land-use and planning opportunities to improve bay health, access and use

  • Communications, Outreach and Education
    Facilitated by Dara Schoenwald - Develop a communications strategy to involve the community

2017 Biscayne Bay Marine Health Summit: The Inaugural Summit June 28, 2017

Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus

Miami, FL