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May 30 - Global Webcast to Stop Ocean Pollution


SOP Technologies’ Events and Global Webcasts bring together environmental leaders from around the world on a regular basis. Join the free webcasts to learn from others who are working to address water pollution issues.

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May 30 - Global Webcast to Stop Ocean Pollution

What we’ll cover in this event...

Allison photo v2.jpg

Implementing large-scale cleanup initiatives in the US

Allison Plute is a watershed project manager for Colorado Springs Utilities, and founded “Creek Week” which has grown to be the largest cleanup in the State of Colorado. Creek Week is a program of the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District, one of many community partners in the effort. Over 4 years, this annual 9-day, watershed-wide event has engaged thousands of citizens in removing 60.2 tons of litter and debris from the Fountain Creek Watershed. Hear how they continue to expand the program each year, learn about resources that are available to you for your cleanups, and get inspired to replicate something similar in your community! help implement similar efforts around the world.

Sven Fransen photo v1.jpg

Implementing large-scale cleanup initiatives in Belgium

Sven Fransen, Owner of Eneco Clean Beach Cup will explain how his team organizes thousands of participants to clean up the coasts of Belgium every year. The annual Cup has garnered the attention of national media outlets and support from several large companies that help to fund their projects. He will explain how his organizations 

Open Forum Q&A

Are you working on an effort to address water pollution, and would you like to receive feedback/input from others? During the open forum, you can ask questions to the presenters and webcast audience. 

About SOP Technologies

The mission of SOP Technologies is simple: to Stop Ocean Pollution. We do this with a variety of technologies to prevent and capture water pollution. Learn more about our technologies here