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June 26 - Global Webcast to Stop Ocean Pollution


SOP Technologies’ Events and Global Webcasts bring together environmental leaders from around the world on a regular basis. Join the free webcasts to learn from others who are working to address water pollution issues.

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June 26 - Global Webcast to Stop Ocean Pollution

What we’ll cover in this webcast...

Engaging youth and Cross-Organizational Success in the Environmental Movement

Jianan photo2.jpg

Jianan Zhang is currently a high school student, and has been working for We Are Nature as the Volunteer and Recruitment director for the past two years. Through the We Are Nature cleanups that she organizes, over ten thousand pounds of trash have been collected across South Florida.

Jianan’s presentation will emphasize how to spread awareness and engage the community, particularly in regards to youth under 18 years old. She will also be talking about how partnerships with other organizations and how understanding the issue of environmental conservation as a part of a larger web can help increase organizational mission-driven success.


Changing the perception of "trash" and engaging artists and creativity to address water pollution

ecopazifico_logo 2.png

Ecopazifico is an interdisciplinary collective  formed by professionals from all over the world with the common wish and will to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Its members come from diverse backgrounds, including Resilient activists/artists such as: Permaculturists, Body Workers , sociologists,Humanitarian clowns, Up-cyclers, politologists, etc...

The main idea of the project is to co-create programs  with the communities of the coastal regions based on their necessities, culture and social structure. Through their programs they work to change the concept and the meaning of “Trash” for MAPARE:  Material Para revivir (Material to Revive) Que Viva el Mapare! 

Open Forum Q&A

Are you working on an effort to address water pollution, and would you like to receive feedback/input from others? During the open forum, you can ask questions to the presenters and webcast audience. 

About SOP Technologies

The mission of SOP Technologies is simple: to Stop Ocean Pollution. We do this with a variety of technologies to prevent and capture water pollution. Learn more about our technologies here