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Global Webcasts

Global Webcasts to Stop Ocean Pollution

SOP Technologies hosts global webcasts to increase knowledge sharing and collaboration among individuals and organizations interested in protecting waterways around the world. To present your success stories during a webcast, please contact us

On June 26th at 11am US Eastern Time, We Are Nature (from the US) and Ecopazifico (from Colombia) will share success stories in engaging the youth and artistic community to better communicate water pollution issues and ways to prevent it. Learn more.

Videos and presentations from PAST WEBCASTS

June 12, 2018: Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful and Kent Island Beach Cleanups

Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful - Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

Carol Doss is executive director for two nonprofits, Upper Tennessee River Roundtable that focuses on clean rivers, and Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful that works on litter prevention and cleanups. Her background includes a variety of environmental work with an emphasis on environmental education. Carol serves on the Keep America Beautiful Cigarette Litter Prevention Program Advisory Panel, working as a mentor for other program directors. She has coordinated a program to prevent cigarette litter in Southwest Virginia for many years resulting in litter reductions and increased awareness. Her presentation will explain how to implement a Cigarette Litter Prevention Program. Learn more about the Upper Tennessee River Roundtable and Keep Southwest Virginia Beautiful.

Kent Island Beach Cleanups - Engaging the Youth in Environmental Efforts

Kristin Weed is an Environmental Activist from Maryland. She is the Founder and President of the grassroots volunteer organization and non-profit, Kent Island Beach Cleanups (KIBCU). Founded in 2012, KIBCU is an organization whose mission is to protect and preserve the beauty of the beaches, parks, and estuaries of Kent Island, MD through regular cleanups, education, awareness, social and communal responsibility and advocacy. Her goal is to educate the community on the detriment of single-use plastics, Styrofoam and other harmful debris has on the environment, specifically focused on enacting personal responsibility and change in her island community on the Chesapeake Bay. Learn more about Kent Island Beach Cleanups.

May 30, 2018: Colorado Springs Utilities and Eneco Clean Beach Cup


Colorado Springs Utilities - Creek Week

Allison Plute is a watershed project manager for Colorado Springs Utilities, and founded “Creek Week” which has grown to be the largest cleanup in the State of Colorado. Creek Week is a program of the Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District, one of many community partners in the effort. Over 4 years, this annual 9-day, watershed-wide event has engaged thousands of citizens in removing 60.2 tons of litter and debris from the Fountain Creek Watershed. In the global webcast, Allison explains more about the program and answers audience questions. Learn more about the Colorado Springs Utilities

Eneco Clean Beach Cup - beach cleanups

Sven Fransen, Owner of Eneco Clean Beach Cup explains how his team organizes thousands of participants to clean up the coasts of Belgium every year. The annual Cup has garnered the attention of national media outlets and support from several large companies that help to fund their projects. In the webcast, Sven explains how his team achieves successful cleanup efforts and he answers audience questions so they can have similar success with their projects. Learn more about the Eneco Clean Beach Cup

May 22, 2018: A & E Straws and Savannah RIVERkeeper


A AND E STRAWS - plastic straw bans

Plastic straws are a major environmental issue, and Abril Esparza, Founder and Owner of A & E Straws, shared about her work to implement a plastic straw ban in Carmel, California, USA. She also answered audience questions to help implement similar efforts around the world. Contact A & E Straws

SAVANNAH RIVERKEEPER - preventing pollution caused by businesses

A business in Georgia, USA, was trying to dump its wastewater into a local creek. Jacob Oblander, Outreach Coordinator for Savannah Riverkeeper, shared how community members got together to stop the business from dumping the waste. He also answered audience questions to help implement similar efforts around the world. Contact Savannah Riverkeeper