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Sharing environmental news, technology updates about our stormwater filters, and ways to prevent ocean pollution. 

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Results from the International Coastal Cleanup are in!

Emilio Lopez

An astounding 560,000 volunteers in 91 countries picked up more than 16 million pounds of trash in the 2014 International Coastal Cleanup organized by Ocean Conservancy. Source 

Volunteers around the world joined in the cleanup efforts

Volunteers around the world joined in the cleanup efforts

Some infographics to show the impact of the event. 



Visit the Ocean Conservancy page to download the full report and learn more about the marine debris and water pollution collected during the global effort.

Also see how our stormwater filters prevent stormwater pollution from reaching the oceans, while also saving communities money in stormwater maintenance and reducing the risk of floods due to clogged stormwater pipes. 

Want to join the world's largest coastal cleanup on Sept. 20th?

Emilio Lopez

Communities around the world are joining forces on September 20th to Stop Ocean Pollution!

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), organized by Ocean Conservancy, has many volunteer opportunities. 

Want to participate? Check out Ocean Conservancy's interactive map and find a volunteer location near you! 

The California Coastal Commission is doing their part, and created this simple, yet stunningly clear video of the problem we're trying to address: 

In the mood to clean some islands? The Environmental Coalition of Miami & the Beaches (ECOMB) has several sites in the Miami area. 

Visit ECOMB's volunteer sign-up page

Visit ECOMB's volunteer sign-up page

Previous clean-ups were very successful, and here are infographics from Ocean Conservancy, to show the Top 10 Items Found and Weird Finds from 2013

Infographics are cool, but remember to take action and volunteer! The map above is a link to find volunteer locations near you.

See how our stormwater filter prevents pollution, while reducing stormwater management costs and flood risks: